Omeiza Owuda Front-end Developer

Hello, my name is Omeiza Owuda. I am a Front-end Developer, UX Designer, Teacher and a true autodidact with a penchant for User Experience Design, Core WordPress Development, Web Performance Optimization, Web Typography, Minimalism and Design Systems in general.

I live in lagos, Nigeria and work as a Web Developer for Ventra Media Group, building new features for Guardian Digital based in Yaba. Previously, I worked as a Senior Front-end Developer/UX Designer for CKDigital.

I spend my time teaching, playing soccer games, writing, and coding.

If you need to contact me, send me a mail or follow me on Twitter. You can also checkout my resume.

About this Site

This website is an outlet of my design and development rumblings and things going on around me related to my work. It’s: