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As this weird month of August ends today, so does my time here at CKDigital. I have mixed feelings, mostly sad ones as I have become so attached to this company that I don’t want to leave. Oh yes, it’s that personal.

The man behind CKDigital Charles Dairo is someone I admire so much. Some of us might have heard a saying that “Your first boss plays a part in determining how your career turns out”. He is my first boss and he has contributed so much to the kind of person I have become. I have learnt how to tolerate, collaborate and lead.

I joined CKDigital on the 5th of February 2015 with the hope of starting as an intern. But, Charles Dairo believed in me and offered me a full-time position. He knew what I needed is an opportunity to be creative, work on projects, grow alongside and contribute to the success of the company. I was happy when he said I didn’t disappoint him.

As I leave, I hope CKDigital will fulfill her goals as a company, and keep helping businesses and individuals succeed. CKDigital gives me hope for SMEs. If you have a dream, follow that dream. However, there will be challenges, setbacks and failures. The most important thing is to keep moving, be professional and show love to everyone.

I thank my co-workers. They are a perfect balance of courage, strength, and excellence. They will always be on my mind. I love you Mr Charles, Mr Kayode, Opeyemi, Abiodun, Ikechukwu, Dozie, Emmanuel, Halimat, Tosin, Caleb (Our HTML5 Baby), Chinwendu, Damilola (Distinct Baba), Damilola Girl, Angela, Toyosi, Ifeoluwa, Peter, Robert, Olayinka, Racheal, Cynthia, Tope, Ayodeji, Conrad, Mitch, Adetoro, Michael, and Chinaka. Thank you so much for the support and the love you have shown me.

I am leaving because I love new challenges and opportunities to learn. The notion that there is a problem to solve is what has kept me moving for the past 3 years. It’s what has made me who I have become and helped me developed personally and professionally.

On Monday 5th September, I will be resuming my new job as a web developer at Ventra Media Group, a full-service digital marketing agency located at Yaba, here in lagos. I will like to thank Mr Daryn Wober, Mr Jamie Sallon, Mr Stephan Nedregaard, and Mr Tomiwa Aladekomo for giving me the opportunity to work at Ventra Media Group.

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