About Omeiza 👨🏽‍💻


Hello, I am a Front-end Developer and Designer with 5 years experience building responsive & adaptive websites, web applications and designing digital experiences that web product users can connect and relate to.

I have worked as a freelance web designer, front-end developer, senior front-end developer/UX Designer and a full-stack web developer. These roles have allowed me to understand the use of modern web technologies to build web product on both the front and back end with more focus on user experience design, web performance, and web accessibility.

Clients often approach me when they need:

  • Responsive and Adaptive websites
  • Front-end developer
  • JavaScript developer
  • User Interface Designer
  • WordPress Developer (Theme development, Plugin development and woo-commerce)
  • Web Design and Development partner for their startup

Design Process

My design process starts with listening to the client in order to understand what the web product is and what value it's supposed to add to the end users and of-course who the end users are. I tend to pay more attention at this stage because a very good understanding of the proposed web product help me make better design decisions.

The second part is the user research which involves intentional effort to try and understand more about the user. At this stage, I allow myself to think freely and create a persona of possible users of the proposed web product.

The third part involves creating line diagrams on how pages are connected to each other and sketching out (with my pencil) different layouts (usually up to 3 different types) and eventually picking the one that best does what is needed to be done by the user in the simplest possible way and with the least cognitive overload.

The last part is the wireframe and visual design and this involves creating a low fidelity design of the web product, send to the client for initial approval before going ahead to visual design and incorporating the product's brand.

Development Process

I tend to make my development process as simple and unambiguous as possible. There are 2 main aspects to my web development process.

The first part is the front-end development and It involves writing code for the client side, I mean the interface where the users can interact with in the browser. My stack for this part is HTML5, CSS(SCSS), JavaScript (Vanilla, or jQuery but it depends on the nature of what I want to implement). Fairly large projects usually require me to use NPM to manage JavaScript packages and I tend to use MOCHA to write JavaScript tests.

The other part of my web development process is the back-end development and this deals with the business logic, communicating with the server and interacting with the database and I am proficient at using PHP for that. I have two stacks to choose from here and they are LAMP - Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP. And I also do LEMP - Linux, NGINX (pronounced as Engine-X), MYSQL and PHP. Usually, there are some projects that require the use of WordPress as a backend and that's a good set-up too.

I am currently learning how to use JavaScript for full-stack web development with the MERN stack - Mongo DB, Express, React, and Node. I am not proficient yet as I am still learning.


When I started out to learn how to code, I embraced the opportunity to learn as much as possible about creating a good and useful web product and not just how to code. I have jumped at any challenging opportunity with the goal of making it less challenging and learning from building and from people as well as communities of web developers and software engineers.

My most important skill contrary to what you expect isn't coding, its the attitude to learn, re-learn and add value to my clients and whichever organization I work for. There are so many other things to learn and I am constantly learning them. But, below are my skills:

  • Front-end Development - HTML5, CSS(SCSS) and JavaScript (Vanilla and jQuery) (Very proficient)
  • UI/UX Design - User research, Interaction design and Visual Design (Proficient)
  • Back-end/WordPress development - PHP, NGINX, MYSQL, Apache, and WordPress (Proficient)

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