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I have totally buried myself in my job for the last 13 months that I barely have time to write about the new things I have the privilege to learn. Not just that alone, I also took down my website during this period.

I am back and I am going to use this platform to write about myself, design, development and social injustice. Over the last 13 months, I have learnt more than I had 3 years before. I have made my life about learning new tools, methods, personal development and the web in general.

I didn’t like writing before now because I felt it requires me to be too self aware and makes me write about things that I never intended to write about. Writing for me was a lot of work as I usually feel I am not an expert and I suck at writing because of that, but what I failed to understand is that writing is like talking to someone about anything just like you are having a conversation with someone you just met.

In order to conquer this habit of writing I love in someone else and hated in me, I decided to make blogging an important part of my new website. I will talk about things directly and indirectly related to me, things some might count as rubbish, things some might count as irrelevant and things some might feel is awesome.

Every opinion you might come across are mine and as a result of my thoughts and research I have carried out.

I am excited I am doing this, and I am not counting how many words I have written. I don’t intend to, I am just going to keep writing, doing my job, learn new things, live and write.

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