Why you should be a Front-end Developer

Few weeks back, A guy sent me a friend request on Facebook and we started talking about web development since we are both web developers. Part of what we discussed is our area of interest and specialization. I told him I am more of a front-end developer than a generalist web developer. He smiled and said I am being lazy and asked me why I am limiting myself to one thing as there are so many other aspects in software engineering/web development like data science, machine learning, full-stack web development, and many more.

This new friend of mine isn’t wrong about new aspects of web development or software development, but specializing in an aspect of web development does not mean I am lazy. It means I like exploring front-end development because it interests me. At one point during our learning or career, we wish to be grounded in all areas of web development, but there are always some aspects that interests us.

Front-end development is about developing for the front. It’s about writing code that executes visual designs (what people can see) and interactions with web pages or softwares. These codes are usually within the bracket of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Being a front-end developer involves writing standard compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Nowadays, It is important to also learn and be comfortable with a back-end language like PHP, Ruby, or Python.

Why being a front-end developer is awesome

I am a front-end developer myself and the reason why I love it is because I am passionate about design. Design is the main reason why I decided to learn how to code in the first place. There are some reasons why front end development is awesome and they are:

How to be a front-end developer

Becoming a front-end developer is easy, but becoming a good one will need you to understand yourself. You also need to understand how you best learn, the materials and support available to you. I have about 4 years of experience as a front-end developer. I started by learning how to write HTML and CSS first, then I added JavaScript and design principles later. So, If you are really serious and passionate about learning, you should:

There is a huge demand for specialists and quality web developers and If you want to stay ahead in your career. Pick an aspect of whatever you do and be the best at it because that is the competitive advantage you need.